Lindsay Ryklief



Hailing from South Africa, Cape Town, Lindsay Ryklief aka LIGRYE (@ligrye) is one of Seoul’s most prolific and interesting characters in the Seoul scene. As a born collaborator and formidable creative, LIGRYE eloquently juggles the life of a DJ and photographer.

As a photographer, LIGRYE’S biggest contribution is the Boys of Seoul series which was imagined with the core mission of shifting ideas of masculinity in Korea. The project offers a nuanced, alternative view of Asian masculinity, one that is often missed in mainstream media. It tells a story of camaraderie brotherhood and intimacy shared between friends, through physical affection or “skinship.”

Lindsay’s diverse style of photography has led him to shoot and assist in commercial global campaigns ranging from Nike, FIFA, and Footlocker to name a few. Lindsay has also managed to shoot for various K-pop artists as well as international musicians such as DBO, MRSHLL, Camo, Super M, and Yaeji.

Notably, he has been featured internationally, VICE, Groove Mag, ID magazine US, Poland, Japan, and Mexico, Dazed and Confused Korea, and OkayAfrica as a formidable creative in Seoul.