12 July 2023

Mother Midnight (Seokkarae) wins Best Feature at 2023 Barnes Film Festival

We are proud to announce that Seokkarae(Mother Midnight), directed by Mike Beech, has won Best Feature at the 2023 Barnes Film Festival.

The film is a powerful and moving story about a young woman in Korea who navigates the family business, her alcoholic father, and the loss of her mother. Amidst a complicated love life and neighbor threats, she seeks guidance from a local shaman, leading to surprising self-discovery.

The film was co-produced by Moktan Productions and Flix Oven out of South Korea.

Seokkarae was praised by the judges for its beautiful cinematography, strong performances, and emotionally resonant story.

“This is a film that will stay with you long after you’ve seen it. It’s a powerful and moving story that is beautifully told.”

Barnes Film Festival Judge