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New Jeans For Rolling Stone

We worked closely with RollingStone USA and photographer Nikolai Ahn to capture striking images of the K-POP group New Jeans.

Read the full article and see the associated pictures from this photoshoot on RollingStone.

Photographer @nikolaiahn
Writer @kristine
Creative Director @joe_hutchinson
Director of Photography & Deputy Creative Director @emma.v.reeves
Deputy Music Editor @swvlswvl
Senior Visuals Editor @photoeditorjoe
Head of Video & Executive Producer @kimberlyaleah
Co-Executive Producer tara _catherine
Video DoP c/o HYBE
Editor Sasha Fox
Director of Social Media @waiss_aramesh
Producer @jason_hyojin_lee × @flix_oven
Styling @choiyumi,
Hair @gihee
Makeup @gil_beauty_
Set Design @jonkk_× @oost.production
Photography Assistance @bobjun @mossagategreen
Gaffer @park_sangbin_meh
Lighting Assistance @imkimpd @mfgorey
Line Producer @danielwalkerfilm
Production Manager @jjun2_kim
Production Assistance @Kim_hedong6
@dayrockseowon mh88722
Set Design assistance choi.kyusuk
Retoucher @haileyfilmdotcom
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