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Seventeen For Rolling Stone

We worked closely with RollingStone USA and photographer Lindsay Ryklief to capture striking images of the K-POP group SEVENTEEN for a special edition zine.

Grab a copy of the zine and see the associated pictures from this photoshoot on RollingStone.

Photography: @ligrye @boysofseoul
Editor In Chief: @noahshachtman
Managing Editor: Alison Weinflash
Director of Photography: Emma Reeves | @emma.v.reeves
Music Editor: Christian Hoard | @christian_hoard143
Chief Research Editor: Rd Brenna Ehrlich
Designer: Poppie van Herwerden | @p_o_p_p_i_e
Production Co-ordinator: John Smith
Senior Visual Editor: Joe Rodriguez | @joe_rodon
Interviews by: Kristine Kwak | @kristine
Photographer Assistant: Hala Zaiter | @halazaiter
Producer: Jason Lee for Flix Oven | @jason_hyojin_lee@flix_oven
Production Manager: Kim MyoungJun
Line Producer: Daniel Walker for Flix Oven | @danielwalkerfilm
Lighting Assistants: Sungchul Kim, Park JeongHoon
Production Assistants: Kim Min Hwan, Bang Seowon, Lim So Yeon
Hairstylist: Woo Eunhye, Moon Hyuncheo
Makeup Artists: Ko Jina, Park Soo Jin, Kim Sijin, Son Gayeon
Stylist: Choi Younghoe, Kang Minjee 748!
Stylist Assistants: Lee Jiyu, An Haveon
Retoucher: @haileyfilmdotcom